About Crystal

About Sean ~ Our Story

Crystal grew up in Anderson, SC, the oldest of three children. She enjoyed a happy childhood filled with fishing, camping, and yearly trips to the mountains or Myrtle Beach with family.

While her parents worked, Crystal’s grandparents cared for her and her sister. She fondly remembers her grandmother helping to get her ready for school each morning. Trips with Papa to the fruit and vegetable stand were always a big hit. Visits to see great-granny and papa were equally as exciting, as there was always a jar of dimes (sometimes quarters too!) so they could hit the penny-candy aisle at the store on the way home.

When her brother came along when she was 13, Crystal took a primary role in tending to him while her parents worked in the evenings and on weekends. It was an experience that solidified her future desire to become a mom. Crystal is naturally a nurturer. When we were out together, people always assumed that her brother was our child.

There is an openness in how she embraces others. Sometimes she has a bit of a mischievous side. Even those that know her best can be taken unaware by this side of her. I find it endearing because I always know that she can still surprise me after all these years.

Crystal enjoys both quiet pursuits such as writing, reading, and meditating as well as activities that stimulate the mind and the senses such as playing trivia games, going to the theatre, watching hockey games, and going to symphonic concerts. The plantations and historic places of Charleston offer excellent opportunities for exploring the world that surrounds her.

Her empathetic nature nurtures the soul of a poet. She has published several poems throughout the years. Even now, she always includes a poem for me in special gifts she gives throughout the year. There is never a better gift than one that is a little piece of oneself.

My wife is a walking encyclopedia of interesting facts, tidbits, and otherwise random information. She is a force to be reckoned with should you ever face her as an opponent in a trivia game. She is however, a worthy ally and a blessing when you have her on your team.

Crystal is very smart in a broad way. Often, my strengths and focus can be a bit narrow. Where I excel in math, science, and logic, Crystal excels at writing, communication and emotional matters. We compliment each other best in this way. She is a consummate “Jill of all Trades”.

Crystal is the night owl. She never met a morning that she liked. Without a cup of coffee in hand, I doubt she would make it through the morning hours.

Crystal is spirited and passionate. She delights in befriending all that she meets.

She is not afraid to have fun and derives childlike joy in the most mundane everyday things. I have seen her turn her face to the sky and shake the raindrops from her hair with the biggest smile upon her face. I have seen her jump through puddles, just because.

She never hesitates to get dirty playing in the mud, to act silly, or make up impromptu songs off the top of her head. She loves to sing her little songs to our dog Meko.

Often I catch her humming to herself while she works. I’m not even sure if she realizes it sometimes. I can hear her while I work in my office. I think that she would have been a musician had she been blessed with musical talent. However, after trying her hand at violin in the 5th grade, that was an ambition she quickly got over.

Crystal has an amazing relationship with her mother. I know that she longs to share the same type of open relationship with our children one day. She can be an open book, sometimes to my embarrassment.

I believe that Crystal is naturally inclined to be a mother. She is intensely committed to loving, protecting and caring for the family and friends in her life. She is not afraid to come to anyone’s aid if they are being abused or wronged in some way. Her caring and compassionate nature is the truest facet of who she is. There is an honesty there that inherently shines through.

She is excited to be a full-time mom when the time arrives and is already envisioning many playful adventures she can share.