About Sean

About Crystal ~ Our Story

To be honest, I donít think that there have been words invented to adequately describe Sean. To me anyway, he is one in a million. Incredibly kind and generous, he is the most supportive person I know.

He has a keen sense of humor and a quick wit. Thatís one of the first things that attracted me to him. We find ways to laugh through the good times, and we can find the humor in the bad as well. Itís one of the ways that we can convince ourselves to persevere.

His heart is so full of love and joy. When he says that he loves me, I know it to the deepest depths of my heart to be true. He is very patient, gentle, and loyal, just to name a few of the numerous qualities he possesses that will make him an excellent father. A truer man I have never met. That is why I am so glad to have chosen Sean as my loving and most devoted partner in this life. Honestly, he is my best friend.

Sean has a very strong sense of who he is. He always upholds his morals and values. He leads by example and knows how to show others to do the same for themselves. Sean is a strong and capable provider.

He makes me laugh when I am sad and lets me cry when I am overwhelmed. He always has advice to lift me up and make me feel stronger than I did before. He is very quick witted and a fast thinker. It is really hard to fool him which can sometimes be frustrating. I canít pull anything over on this one!

Sean was born in Charleston, SC, but grew up in the upstate of South Carolina with his mother and younger sister. His mom was often out of the home working hard to provide for them as a single mother. From an early age Sean had the responsibility of household chores, cooking, as well as raising his younger sister. It was often tough, but I know that this early introduction to life has made him the strong and able person that he is today. He has always been incredibly self-sufficient, dedicated, and self-motivated.

He spent each summer in Charleston, enjoying time with his dad and grandparents. Trips to the mountains digging for precious gems with his father, fishing with his granddad, and exploring Charleston history with his aunt were some of his favorite activities during those summers away. When he returned home each fall, he delighted in showing off his treasures to me. His love of reading and the thirst for knowledge grew out of those summers of discovery.

His favorite toys as a child were his Erector and chemistry sets. He was a little engineer and scientist in the making. In fact, his mom often proclaimed that Sean was going to be a nuclear scientist when he grew up. Even without all the monetary resources, his mom encouraged the belief that by working hard, with the determination too succeed, anything could be possible. His mom helped build a foundation upon which his incredible work ethic and drive has been built. He made a decision in middle school that he was going to be a computer scientistÖand today he is.

Ultimately, his love of scientific discovery steered him towards math and computers. Since then, Sean has helped start 3 internet service providers from the ground up, developed medical software & complex financial investment software, and has even been involved in artificial intelligence programming.

Now, he spends his days discovering new solutions and developing computer programs. I am in awe at how he can take little pieces of code and turn them into something truly magnificent. He delights in the joy of creating and building. He always strives to continue learning more about his industry and the new techniques that make the computing world better.

His current job allows for a great deal of flexibility. We both currently telecommute extensively from home. There's no need to go into a office every day. For the last 10 years, we have had the opportunity to work together each day. It has been a joy that we have been able to share the majority of our days together.

Sean enjoys reading, watching foreign movies, exploring nature, working on Sudoku puzzles, board games, playing chess, and anything ďtechnicalĒ. He also enjoys woodworking when he has the opportunity and has lovingly crafted bookshelves for our home office.

Sean is the early bird of our household. He never met a morning that he didnít like. He springs out of bed like a jackrabbit while I groan and pull the covers back over my head.