Our Goals

Our Promise

As far as our goals for our children….we want our children to grow to be healthy, happy, educated, well-rounded, and kind to others. We envision sharing our values of openness, communication, and integrity. We wish to teach them about the world and to have a sense of humor about things. It is our sincerest desire that our children learn to respect and value everyone, no matter who they are.

Our children will have a strong ethical upbringing. Honesty and integrity are important to us. We will strive to always instill in them a good sense of right and wrong. Our main desire is that our children grow to become confident and happy in their lives. We want to teach them to value the unique individuals that they are, to find contentment and be grateful with the life that they are given. We wish to teach them that it’s perfectly acceptable to be different. We want our children to be comfortable in their own skin.

We wish to so they can appreciate how far we have come and how the world has changed. We look forward to reading bedtime stories and continuing our family traditions with our children.

Our goal as parents is to continue to cultivate a simple, but rich life full of love and laughter where a child will thrive. We will encourage curiosity, creativity, and self-discovery while offering guidance, healthy boundaries, love and respect.

We want to encourage a love of learning, discovery and reading at a young age.

We will also support them in their educational pursuits—we both attended college and we will encourage them to take their education as far as they are willing. We plan on ensuring that our children have opportunities that we may have missed growing up. We wish to provide our child with the opportunity to thrive and discover who they want to become. Throughout their lives, we will spend as much time as possible with them and cherish every moment.

Above all, we wish to teach our children to dream. Even if the results aren’t exactly as they planned, we want to instill the belief that they can do and be anything that their heart desires with hard work and dedication to their goal.