Welcome Expectant Parents!

We are Sean & Crystal and we desire to grow our family through the joy of adoption.

We'd like to thank you for taking a moment to read over our adoptive parent profile and get to know us a little better. We are grateful you are considering an adoption plan for your child.

Although we have never met, we already know that you are extraordinary, filled with compassion and love. Although this may be a difficult period in your life, you are to be commended for the compassion and love you have for life. Your commitment to an adoption plan shows the greatest of courage and fortitude.

We believe that a family is created most strongly through love. We have built a wonderful life together and wish to share the love we have with a child. One of our greatest desires is to parent a child (or two!).

To offer joy, love, and a stable safe home to a precious child, is something we desire to do in this life.

We have discussed adopting a child frequently over the years, in addition to any biological children we might have had. We have been unable to conceive for the past 6 years. With Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and impaired male fertility, successful conception in the future is not likely. We believe that there is a plan in place for each of us and that for us our children will come to us through adoption.

We plan to respect the level of openness that you feel comfortable with and will honor any privacy or distance you may desire. We are perfectly agreeable to open adoption arrangement as we feel it can offer positive benefits to the child, and other members affected by the adoption.

We plan to be open with our children concerning the fact that they are adopted and will help them understand early in their lives what adoption is and that they have birthparents that love them very much.

Whatever your decision, a child will know from the very beginning that it was your love that enabled us to be a complete family.




We know we might not be the perfect family for everyone,

But we hope that we can be the right adoptive family for you & your child.

Please read Our Adoptive Parent Promise. Contact us today.

We'd love the opportunity to get to know you better.

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What others have to say about us:

  • "These are two people who without effort have become very dear to me and have greatly increased the quality of my being on this earth." - J.H.

  • "These are admirable people who care deeply about others. They have great faith, are very hard-working and understand the value of education and intellectual curiosity." - M.P.

  • "I can say with strong confidence that any child would live a happy life with Sean and Crystal." - K.L.

  • "A child under their care would be quite balanced in terms of the nurturing love he or she would receive as well as the discipline and structure needed for a child to succeed. The child would have advantages in his life that are rare in today's society and he would truly know that he is and was loved." - P.B.

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