Jobs & Career

For the past 14 years, Sean has enjoyed a successful career in computer programming and management. Currently, he manages and maintains the computers, network systems, and infrastructure for an internet & web development company. He has worked there for 10 years.

In 2007, he was nationally recognized as a first place winner in the Sysadmin of the Year. Our offices burned down in the fall of 2005 and Sean rescued our critical systems. He worked around the clock to have most integral systems back online within a day, and the rest up within a week. No small feat when everything of the business was destroyed with the exception of the computers Sean saved.

It is often a challenging job, but he revels in helping clients find solutions to their most complex problems. Coworkers and clients have repeatedly said that he is the most approachable tech guy they have ever met. He always takes the extra time to help people understand concepts that could otherwise go over their head. Itís one of the qualities that people love best about him. He can help someone learn the fundamentals without ever resorting to talking down to anyone.

Crystal is currently involved in Internet marketing and website production. She enjoys helping clients achieve more traffic and better sales through online advertising, programs, and promotions. This is a challenging, but rewarding, job. She often gets the chance to see firsthand the fruits of her labor in the charts and traffic analysis she provides for clients.

Once our lives are blessed with children Crystal plans on becoming a full-time (and very happy!) stay at home mom.

We do feel strongly that it is important that parents take an active hand in raising their children. By staying at home and raising our child, we feel that the child would have a stable and consistent upbringing. We have even discussed the possibility of home schooling our children.

Sean is incredibly supportive in this, and is even the one that initially suggested it. I just know that he will make an excellent father. He enjoys his work, but doesnít let it interfere with our home and family life. He has often said that being a dad will be his top priority! In fact, his wish is to find a programming job where he could work from home and be home all day to experience the joy of raising our child.