Our Promise

We believe that we are only as good as our word in this life. As such, we promise the following should you choose us as the adoptive parents for your precious child:

  • to conduct ourselves with honesty & integrity during every step of our adoption journey
  • to treat our child's first parents with the affection & respect they so rightly deserve
  • to recognize & give thanks for the precious gift and sacrifice made by our child's first parents
  • to honor the memory of our child's first parents & to keep that connection alive and as available as the first parents so desire
  • to talk frankly, openly & honestly with our child regarding the circumstances of his or her birth and how they came to be with our family
  • to provide a safe, stable home full of love, laughter & comfort
  • to encourage our children to seek out and embrace their cultural identity throughout their life
  • to share our values of openess, communication & integrity in all facets of our child's life
  • to have a sense of humor about life and the world around them
  • to cultivate a simple, but rich life full of love and laughter
  • to encourage intellectual discovery and a yearning for knowledge
  • to support, uplift, and encourage our children to follow their hearts
  • to be open and non-judgemental
  • to support them in their educational pursuits & encourage them to take their education as far as they are willing
  • to provide our child with the opportunity to thrive and discover who they want to become, independent of our own desires or agendas
  • to instill the belief that they can do and be anything that their heart desires with hard work and dedication to their goal
  • to love our children unconditionally
  • to be present in our children's lives
  • to strive to be the best parents for our child, even through we realize that we may not be perfect parents

    Contact Info:
    Home: (843) 821-7865 Cell: (843) 499-1722
    sean@ourfamilyadoption.net or crystal@ourfamilyadoption.net