Quick Factsheet

Names: Sean & Crystal
Location: suburb of Charleston, SC
Age: early 30ís
Together: 15 years
Married: 9 years
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: suburb of Charleston, SC
Homeowners:Yes - 2 homes located in Charleston & Anderson, SC
Occupation: Both are in professional fields & telecommute exclusively from the home. Sean is a computer programmer and Unix systems administrator. Crystal is an Internet marketing and web development specialist.
Religion: Christian
Smoking: Non-Smokers
Sean: Never.
Crystal: Very Rarely
Pets: A Dog - Meko
Hobbies & Interests:
Sean: Reading, foreign movies, hockey, cross-stitch, woodworking, puzzles, Sudoku, mental challenge brainteasers, chess, visiting the mountains, traveling, playing Rock Band with Crystal, Linux, computer programming
Crystal: Poetry, meditation, handcrafted soaps & perfume blends, cooking, trivia games, PS3 games, reading, singing, animals, parks, museums, symphony & the theatre, exploring historical locations, community volunteerism, online shopping
Children: None, currently
Reason for Adopting: Primary infertility, following 6 years of unsuccessful results.
Type of Adoption Desired: Any considered, preference for Open, Semi-Open. Plan to take direction from the expectant parents' desires regarding continued contact.
Gender Preference: None
Willing to Consider Multiples or Sibling Groups: Yes, Absolutely!
Ethnicity Preference: Any considered
Plans Once Children Arrive In the Home: Both telecommute exclusively now and work inside the home. If their job situation changes, Crystal plans to become a stay-at-home mom.

Contact Info:
Home: (843) 821-7865
Cell: (843) 499-1722
sean@ourfamilyadoption.net or crystal@ourfamilyadoption.net